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About Us

Sam in her element oiling the wood for our Doughnut Wall

Welcome to Samsa May's, a family run business owned and operated by  husband and wife team Samantha and Mark Burke out of our home office and workshop in the village of Stewkley, near Milton Keynes.

As a business we pride ourselves on producing high quality, handmade items and what makes it all worthwhile is the great feedback we get from all our lovely customers.


How Samsa May's Began

After moving to Stewkley in 2014 and being donated a number of older pieces of furniture in lots of different styles, Sam decided to start upcycling them. She enjoyed it so much she signed up to an Annie Sloan course being run locally and used what she had learnt to complete her projects at home and start to help friends upcycle their own pieces of dated furniture giving them a new lease of life.

From here Samsa May's Bespoke Creations was born and along with the help of Mark we started creating our own handmade boxes and crates.   


We have come a long way over the past couple of years and now we have a whole host of our own creations which we make from scratch including boxes, crates, candle holders and wine bottle holders, signage and much, much more.  

As our products are made to order, decorated and finished by us it allows us to personalise each and every one, ensuring they really match what our customers are looking for, making them extra special.  

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